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Joining The FairTrades Association Can Seriously Benefit Your Business. Are you are a Tradesman / Company in the buildings and home improvement sector? If so the FairTrades Association could help you both market and grow your business, save time and money and reach new customers.

Sales and Marketing

Online Exposure

Get Listed in our Tradesmen's Business Directory

Get direct exposure to homeowners in our trade directory All FairTrades members are promoted free of charge on both the FairTrades "Find a Pro" business directory and the HomePro "Find a Pro" trade directory. These business directories are web based and very popular with homeowners in need of a tradesman. Leads generated from these directories are free of charge to members making for another excellent way to obtain exposure to the public without spending any extra money.

Free "Quote Me" facility: - On all our directories which enables homeowners to access your business details 24 hours a day. Again, we do not charge our members should they receive enquiries via these diretories.

“Find a Tradesman” directory: - Only companies that have been vetted by our business are displayed here. That means that we have received several recommendations from previous customers of theirs, they have had financial checks and agree to uphold our Customer Charter. Those with TrustMark endorsement have also had a BBA on site inspection too. That way every homeowner is reassured that they are dealing with a current FairTrades member operating from within a reputable business. The public are also encouraged to call us if they wish to confirm any members status as part of our service. How much is an endorsement like that worth to you?

“Find a Pro” directory: - Entry into to the HomePro directory is given to all new members at the time of joining. The HomePro directory was established many years ago and helps generate great enquiries for many of the home improvement specialists listed by it. Again, this is a free service to both HomePro and FairTrades members with opportunities to upgrade listings available to all.

“Confirm a Trademan's Membership” facility: - Your potential customers are able to use this service to confirm and verify a members status with us and find out more about members businesses should they wish.

Credible Logos

Close More Deals - Display Credible Logos & Win Business

Insurance Backed Guarantees For years the FairTrades logo has been proudly displayed on the side of tradesmen's vans and on their day to day business stationary such as letters, quotes etc. The public recognise and trust our logo as it is a sign of professionalism in the home improvement industry, and has been so for over 30 years. Being financially vetted and having feedback displayed on our web site, alongside logos such as TrustMark helps our members win more business.

Insurance Backed Guarantees Get your company into TrustMark quickly and easily. FairTrades is a TrustMark scheme operator. When you Join the Full FairTrades package you also get the Government endorsed trusted standard of TrustMark who will check your firm's technical skills through regular on-site inspections, as well as checks on your trading record, financial status, quality of work, trading practices and customer satisfaction. *Tradesmen must meet TrustMark membership requirements.

Exclusive Finance Deals

Looking for Low Rate Finance that Will Compete with Banks & Building Society’s? We have it.

Our new national Finance partner offers straightforward and easy point of sale credit products to help you and your company to increase, leads, sales and order values, provided by prime lenders, names your customers will know and trust.

Finance Products offered include: Buy Now Pay Later, Interest Free Schemes and Interest Bearing Schemes.

FairTrades has secured preferential rates for our members, rates are competitive to you and your customers backed by a nationwide team of experienced account managers who are there to help, train and advise you and your team.

Best of all there no company is too big or too small, are no setting up or on-going management fees and funds are paid directly to you “the retailer” once the goods have been satisfactory fitted. Many members also receive a commission for finance deals. Members should please contact their FairTrades account manager for full details on this benefit.

National Insurance Broker

Market Leading Business Products & Dedication To Customer Service

Access one of the UK's largest insurance brokers when you join FairTrades. Our chosen partner offers a broad range of market leading business products and when coupled with their dedication to outstanding customer service, 5,000 staff based across more than 120 offices real product knowledge and expertise, the very best service is now at your fingertips.

With more than 200 specialist insurance products; our chosen insurance broker should be able to meet most of your insurance needs within your business, ranging from, but not limited to:
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Employee Liability Insurance
  • Commercial Van Insurance
  • Tool Cover
  • Home Insurance

Insurance Backed Guarantees

Access Award Winning Insurance Backed Guarantees

Insurance Backed Guarantees One of the Group Companies, HomePro Insurance, is one of the largest Insurance Backed Guarantees providers in the UK marketplace offering unrivalled levels of service and professionalism. They deal with over 3000 companies in the Home Improvement sector and can give you the best package available.

These IBG's cover many trades including: Solar, Glazing, Conservatories, Roofing, Extensions/Conversions, Kitchens, Bedrooms, Bathrooms but there are many more...
  • Deposit Protection Insurance is available to give your customers peace of mind*
  • Up to 10 years warranty cover is available on the completed project*
  • We supply all IBG users with ‘Point of Sale’ Leaflets**
*Subject to type of trade and the Terms and Conditions of the Insurance
** The leaflets outline the benefits of the IBG to your customers as you are not authorised to discuss the insurance.
Note: The IBG becomes active if you cease trading through insolvency: for Limited Companies this means administration, receivership or liquidation and for Sole Traders/Partnerships means bankruptcy.

Free Business Page

Free Business Page/Electronic Business Card For All Members!

As a business we not only list our members in various trade directories but we provide our members with a free business page too.

This business page can be linked to from your own website or you have the option to use this business page as your own website. Simply buy a web name and link it to your business page, it's that easy. (we can tell you how) All business pages supplied to our members contains a customer quote and contact form and will appear on Googles search results, so you will benefit from new business when home owners do a search for tradesmen in your area.

Yellow Pages Discount

Advertising with the FairTrades / Yellow Pages Corporate Advertising Scheme can really enhance the credibility of your business.

Discounted Yellow Pages Advertising Deals FairTrades and Yellow Pages have joined forces to create an exclusive advertising scheme available only to FairTrades members. FairTrades members can promote their business as part of a display advert in the Yellow Pages directory but will pay only lineage rates.

It’s a great opportunity for you to advertise your business and Trade Association membership under the renowned “Scales of Justice” logo.

So take advantage of the collective strength of FairTrades membership to attract new customers to your business. Remember, 86% of directory users said that their confidence in a business increased if they advertised under a Trade Association banner. You’ve worked hard to become a member of an established association like FairTrades, so why not enhance the credibility of your business advertising with the FairTrades & Yellow Pages Corporate Advertising Scheme?

Increased Credibility

TrustMark Approved

Discounted Yellow Pages Advertising Deals

We are a TrustMark Approved Scheme Operator! What is TrustMark?

  • Registered companies can now achieve TrustMark approval through membership to the FairTrades Association
  • TrustMark is the nationwide Government backed scheme to help consumers find reputable tradesmen to carry out work on their homes.
  • TrustMark ensures reputable tradesmen win the work, not the rogue traders
  • Consumers will look out for the TrustMark logo wherever tradesmen advertise you and they can search for local tradesmen via the TrustMark website and help clients

You will ...

  • You win more quotes, business and that means profit to your bottom line!
  • Be acknowledged by home owners.
  • Use of the TrustMark logo recognised by home owners every way.
  • Publicity from national and local TV, radio and newspaper coverage.
  • Be listed on the TrustMark Scheme Operators website for home owners to search and select.
  • Within the first six months of the scheme, our associations members start seeing an increase in business.
  • Home owners already asking ‘Are you are TrustMark tradesmen?’
To find out if your business is eligible for TrustMark membership speak to one of our members of staff. Conditions apply.

Glazing CPS

Simpler Access For Glaziers To Their Chosen Competent Persons Schemes With FairTrades Glaziers Competent Persons Scheme FairTrades now offers our Glazing members the ability to self-certify installations, via several of the Glazing Industries Biggest Competent Persons Schemes, (FENSA, BMTRADA & CERTASS) saving them both time and money.

For more information or news on FairTrades membership please complete our membership information request form, current members should contact their account manager.

FairTrades Logo

using our logo along side your instills trust The renowned “Scales of Justice” logo is seen throughout the UK on a range of tradesmen's and contractor's vans, business showrooms and advertisements of the very finest trade professionals.

The FairTrades logo enhances the contractor’s credibility and reassures the customer that they are dealing with a reputable company in a trade association that has passed our strict vetting criteria.

Membership Cards

The FairTrades membership card is supplied to all of your customer facing employees and can be shown to potential customers as identification and proof of membership.

Membership Certificate

The Membership Certificate shows customers that you have passed our strict vetting procedure and can be displayed in your office or showroom, or even taken with you when quoting.

Letters of Introduction

To promote your business, we provide you with Handycards and Introductory Letters to distribute to homes in the area where you are based or where you are working.

The home owner is presented with your contact details and can utilise our “Confirm a Tradesman's Membership” facility to verify your membership and find out more about your business.

Vetting Processes

Consumer Confidence From FairTrades Vetting Process & Conciliation Service

FairTrades members go through a rigorous vetting procedure requiring the following; we look at the length of time a business has been trading; we check to ensure that our member companies have a clean legal history and a good credit rating; we obtain, corroborate and continuously update customer references. These checks ensure that the public know they are hiring professional home improvement specialists when they choose to use a FairTrades member.

Access To Free Legal Conciliation Service

We provide a full Conciliation Service, available through our experienced conciliation team to discuss any issues your company may face.

Insurance Backed Guarantees

One of the Groups Companies, HomePro Insurance, is one of the largest Insurance Backed Guarantees providers in the UK marketplace offering unrivalled levels of service and professionalism. They deal with over 3000 companies in the Home Improvement Sector and can give you the best package available.

In July 2014 it became mandatory for glazing installers to provide an Insurance Backed Guarantee with all works completed. At least one member of the fitting team should also hold a MTC card. If you have any questions regarding IBG's or your responsibilities, contact FairTrades and we would be happy to explain the latest changes in more detail. Alternatively, contact your CPS directly, they too will be able to provide you with the required information. These IBG's cover many trades including: Double Glazing and Solar Companies, Conservatory manufacturers and installers, Roofing, Extensions/Conversions, Kitchens, Bedrooms, Bathrooms but there are many more...
  • Up to 10 years cover is available on Cessation to Trade for Financial Reasons *
  • We supply all Insurance Backed Guarantees users with Point of Sale Leaflets **
  • Deposit Protection Insurance available
*For Limited Companies this would be that they go into administration, receivership or liquidation. For Sole Traders / Partnerships this would be bankruptcy.
**Our IBG leaflets help explain the benefits of IBG's to your customers, saving you time.
Hand to your customers enabling to the fully understand the benefits and peace of mind of an Insurance Backed Guarantee.

Cost Savings Benefits

B&Q TradePoint Card

MASSIVE SAVINGS coming your way with our new & exclusive FairTrades HomePro TradePoint Card - Saving You Money on Every Job

FairTrades Homepro have linked up with B&Q TradePoint and negotiated preferential prices for all our members. We’ve have successfully negotiated a MASSIVE additional discount off already their substantially discounted TradePoint prices.

This means with the FairTrades HomePro TradePoint card you’ll be making huge savings on your materials! Only members with this TradePoint card will get you this preferential pricing, so if you have an existing TradePoint card, destroy it and use our one.

Access to truly huge savings on over 3,000 products in the TradePoint catalogue. You can buy in-store (open early-late 7 days a week) at over 360 B&Q stores nationwide, You can also order online or by the phone with over 9,000 trade products available for delivery to site. This offering is the latest of a range of member benefits from FairTrades Homepro and we hope to add more in the coming months to help you save money and to grow your business.

Discounted New and Used Vans

We have arranged exclusive access to deals set up for only our members with Best Van Deals. As a member of ours they will help you buy or lease your next van every step of the way. They will help you get the best possible deal from either Hire Purchase, Contract Hire, Finance Lease or a cash purchase. No pressure selling, just great advice.

  • Members will receive exclusive deals on new vans
  • Lease, Contract Hire and Hire Purchase van deals
  • Free and Impartial advice, No pressure selling, Dealership prices

UpTo 55% Off Equipment Hire

Discount Tool and Equipment Hire - National Cover, Massive Discount & Huge Range

With Travis Perkins Tool and Equipment Hire you can be sure you are getting a huge choice of well maintained, top brand name equipment that meets with our 5 star safety service as standard.

Travis Perkins Tool and Equipment Hire have built their Tool Hire service around the needs of the trade, and with a branch near you, you'll be able to find exactly what you're looking for from a Builders Merchant you can trust to give you excellent service.

Headline features
  • Members will a Massive discount off our list prices for Tool Hire
  • Travis Perkins Tool Hire have a huge range of tools, equipment and even skips for hire
  • Free and Impartial advice, No pressure selling, Dealership prices
  • Our members call just one number and all your tool / equipment hire need will be met

UpTo 40pc Discounted Utilities

Save money on utility bills

Utility Trade

is an Independent Utility Broker which now works very closely with our FairTrades members. *They routinely save their customers between 25% and 40% on utility bills.

They not only specialise in finding cheap electricity and gas prices for business customers but also all telephony requirements too. This includes business broadband, new telephone lines and even your mobile internet dongle requirements. Commercial gas and electricity is available from many suppliers and on many different tariffs, but Utility Trade Ltd trawl the market to find the best prices so you save time as well as money.

Utility Trade Ltd deal directly with the utility suppliers using their portfolio to give you greater buying power. Saving you time as well as money. They specialise in finding the cheapest utilities so that our members can save on their telephony, internet and energy bills. Full details including our members unique promotional code are available to all our members via their account manager.

*Saving do depend on the individual business and current supplier prices, so do vary.

Trades FuelCard

Discount Diesel - Saving You Money on Every Litre

The new FairTrades partnership with The Fuelcard People brings great discounts to the table for FairTrades members. The Fuelcard People offer a wide range of discount fuel cards, providing discounted fuel at over 7000 fuel service stations nationwide, including BP, Shell, Texaco, Esso, Moto, Murco, Gulf, Pace and Emo pumps as well as The Co-operative and Morrisons supermarket forecourts, and many more.

Headline features
  • Purchase both petrol and diesel with a fixed weekly price
  • Discounts of up to 5p off the national average pump price
  • Discounts of up to 10p at motorway pumps
  • Free fuel cards for the first year and just £6 per year thereafter
  • Access to over 7000 pumps nationwide, with both major brand and network fuel cards
  • Always speak to your dedicated account manager, not a call centre operator
  • FairTrades account managers at The Fuelcard People have full details for members who wish to take advantage of this great offer.

Big AA Membership Discounts

AA Membership Benefit FairTrades Association Members have been entitled to preferential AA membership rates since 2006. They can save up to 46% off AA Fleet Breakdown Cover.

We recently updated our agreement and members are now entitled to even better business rates when they take out AA membership through as our member. With a choice of six levels of cover from Fleetwide 1 to Fleetwide 5 Cover and Europe Cover the AA have a breakdown package for all trade members. eg FleetWide 1 was £208.50, but our members pay just £94.50.

Members need to Quote the FairTrades Promo Code for the discount. Your personal account manager at FairTrades has all the details.

Discounted ChipnPin Card Payments

Looking to accept card payments? - Chip & Pin Solution offer mobile and fixed line card machines that enable your customers the ability to accept card payments.

Our machines are simple to use, hand-sized, robust and rigorously tested. They are also fully accredited by all of the major UK banks and accept all major credit and debit cards.

FairTrades members benefit in a few ways with this solution, as they are able to:
  • Accept cards over the phone, on the road or in the office
  • Money in your bank in 3 days and Low merchant rates too
  • All major credit cards accepted & a 24-hour replacement service available
Currently Chip & Pin provide solutions to a wide range of different businesses including sole traders, larger companies and short-term hire to the events industry. Their mobile customers range from market traders, plumbers, taxi drivers, home delivery, roadside recovery services and many more. They also work with some of the biggest UK brands including the AA, and Pimlico Plumbers and Domino's Pizza and more...

All FairTrades members will receive a dedicated account manager and because there are no difficult forms for you to complete, our benefit provider takes care of all the hassle for you - leaving you to concentrate on your business. Start accepting card payments as soon as your membership starts.

Avis Business Europe

Discounted Car Hire Avis Car Hire Offer For FairTrades members.

Members are able to enjoy business class service with Avis Business Europe.

Car Hire - Avis Business Europe
  • Up to 10% off UK and European car rentals
  • Unlimited mileage
  • Delivery & Collection service
  • Over 300 UK pick up locations
  • Fantastic range of Cars
  • No contract
  • Avis Insurance
Please enjoy the benefits of being an Avis Business Europe member and please do not hesitate to contact your account manager if you have any questions.

Register your Interest!

And that’s why joining a trade association makes so much sense.
To become a FairTrades or TrustMark member please call 08707 398 999 during office hours
or fill in the Membership Form below.

Contact Name
Interested In Trustmark

Company Name
Post Code
Phone Number
Email Address




30 Years Of Experience

For almost 30 years the FairTrades Association has been proud to identify and endorse our Trade Association Members. We promote our members to consumers, homeowners and other construction businesses throughout the UK.  We are the UK’s largest multi trade association and our knowledge, products and services are highly valued in the home improvement industry. Welcome to the FairTrades way!

We Support Our Members

We provide our Members with the highest quality service, dedicated and knowledgeable Account Managers as well as online and offline marketing, promotion and business support services. We also source special offers and discounts for our Members on products and services that are important to them and their business.


A Highly Valued Logo

Our Association’s ‘Scales of Justice’ logo is recognised by consumers and homeowners throughout the United Kingdom. It is respected as a sign of professionalism and a commitment to excellence in the home improvement sector.

Sales Leads

All FairTrades Members are provided with a FREE trade  business page on our website to ensure they have that important online marketing presence. We also promote Members on our own ‘Find A Tradesman’ directory as well as external building and trade directories. Both home owners and construction professionals use these directories to find trusted, vetted contractors to work safely and reliably on their projects – generating important sales leads for our Members.

Insurance Products

FairTrades Association Members can utilise some of the best insurance products on the market – developed especially for the home improvement market and trade companies. Our award winning Insurance Backed Guarantees protect and reassure the home owner and can be a valuable sales tool to help Members secure business.

Against Rogue Traders

FairTrades continues to fight against the trend for poor service and the erosion of consumer confidence in some areas of the home improvement sector. Registered FairTrades Members are required to respect and uphold our Association’s core values as stipulated in our >Members Charter and to maintain the high standards that the public and the building trade have come to expect.

Association History

The FairTrades Trade Association was established in June 1983 and its pioneering approach quickly established it as the premier multi-trade association for glaziers, builders, roofers and many more trades besides.

2000 - FairTrades Ltd was purchased by purchased, completing the full merger of both companies in October 2001.
During this time the business company gained membership to the General Insurance Standards Council (GISC) and won the Microsoft Digital Britain Award for maximising consumer value using IT.

2001 - The HomePro Insurance brand was created.
HomePro Insurance has been offering trades related insurance products to Trade Professionals ever since.

2002 - FairTrades/HomePro was presented with "Insurance Times Innovation of the Year Award" by the insurance market and launched on the internet shortly thereafter.

2005 - FairTrades became an appointed representative of HomePro Ltd.
Not long after the company launched on the internet as the official portal for trade professionals.

2006 - FairTrades became a Scheme Operator for TrustMark.
This relationship has grown from strength to strength over the years with many of our members electing to join TrustMark through FairTrades.

2007 - FairTrades/HomePro purchased IPWFI (Incorporation of Plastic Window Fabricators and Installers)

2010 - A busy year at FairTrades/HomePro when the companies were taken over by new management.

2011 / 2012 - FairTrades/HomePro undertook a lot of new digital marketing initiatives.
These initiatives included a major web site updates, new online directories, FaceBook and Twitter accounts being started.

2012 - FairTrades/HomePro joined forces with BM Trada to offer their Competent Persons Scheme to its members.
Synseal Extrusions and FairTrades aggreed to work together to promote its FairTrades TrustMark membership package to its members.

2013 to Present Day - Great growth years for the business.

Today, FairTrades Ltd is a highly successful Trade Association with a very popular tradesmen's directory. The FairTrades logo, featuring the 'Scales of Justice' is widely displayed by our current members on their business cards and advertisements, vans and in their showrooms.